Outdoor string Lights with schuko plug and socket
10m White with Waterproof Cover for each holder

Cable Length: 10m
Cable Specification: H05RN-F 2x1.0mm2
Lamp Holder Type: E27
Lamp Holder Quantity: 10pcs Fixed lamp holders
Bulb spacing: 1M
Cable material. Rubber
Cable color. White
Plug Type:  Schuko
Socket Type: Schuko
Voltage: 230v~250v 50~60Hz
Item #:  AT-OSL-H002
Safty Certificate: CE ROHS REACH
Degree of protection: IP65
Maximum Power per bulb: Max 25W
Recommended bulb: LED S14 1W or 2W
Color Box Size: 19x19x19cm
Outer Carton Size: 39.5x39.5x39.5cm
QTY Per Outer Carton: 8sets
Warranty: 3 years
Main Markets: Italy, England, Poland, Spain, Netherlands.......
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Our stunning outdoor String Lights not only look amazing but can be left up all year round as they are extremely durable and weatherproof
Always equipped with PET material S14 LED 1W or Glass Matrial S14 Led 1W or 2W;
You can also easily extend the string lights according to your needs, the total maximum power of All string lights is 1500W.
Products are usually used for "backyard,  porch,  outdoor garden, patios, pergolas, walkways, lawns, wedding,  party, indoor decoration"......

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Outdoor string Lights with schuko plug and socket

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