UL E12 Lamp Cords with Dimmer Switch and E12 Lamp Holder

Cable Length: 1.5m, 1.6m, 1.8m
Cable Specification: SPT-2 2x18AWG
Plug Type: UL 2 pin plug
Switch Type: Gear Swtich, On Off, Dimmer switch
Lamp Holder Type: E12 lamp holder with spring clip,
Cable material: PVC
Plug/Switch/color: Black/White
Socket: Black/White
Spacing from the holder to switch: 0.49M.

Item #:  AT-SLC-UL728
Safty Certificate: UL ROHS REACH 
Recommended bulb:  T20 E12/110V/15W
Outer Carton Size: 53x29x26cm
QTY Per Outer Carton: 100pcs
Warranty: 2 years
Main Markets of  Salt Lamps: New Zealand, Ireland,
England, Australia, Philippines, America, Canada...

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The salt lamp is a natural air purifier with environmental protection functions such as volatilizing negative ions, adsorbing impurities in the air, and shielding harmful rays of electrical appliances.
Salt lamps are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, aisles, etc. As long as you want a fresh and relaxing space, they can also be used as low-brightness, always-on lighting.
For rooms that have just been renovated or new furniture added, placing salt lamps can help purify indoor air and reduce irritating odors in the air

How to Install Power Cord in Salt Lamp
Remove plastic from your salt lamp. Screw the light bulb firmly into the power cable fitting. Gently push in the metal clips and insert the fitting into the base of the salt lamp until the metal clips spring into place.
Check power point switch is OFF. Plug power cable into power point. Turn on power and your salt lamp is ready to go!
Note: Always use certified power cord according to power voltage in your country.

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UL E12 Lamp Cords with Dimmer Switch and E12 Lamp Holder

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